Artiste in residence at The Emily Harvey Fondation, Venice

The Emily Harvey Fondation 

Artiste in residence at The Emily Harvey Fondation, Venice
13 march – 12 April 2024

The Emily Harvey Fondation

Elisabet Norseng happily announce that she will participate in the residence-program at the Emily Harvey Foundation in Venice spring 2024.

Elisabet Norseng is born the 23´d of July 1959 in Oslo. 

She started her career as an artist 40 years ago, after studies with Boge Berg, Inger Sitter and Paul Brant at the State Art Academy of Oslo, following studies with Cato Bøttger at the Oslo National College of Art and Design and Oslo School of Fine Arts. 

After 23 years in Paris she moved back to Norway in 2016. She has 55 solo exhibitions in Norway and abroad. She has been honored with several prizes and grants including artist of the year by Art Council Norway. She is purchased by the National Museum of Modern Art, Norway. 

The monumental wall decoration at the National State Archive in Tromsø, a State commission,-named «Day and night» is a work 15 m long and expanding over 2 walls.

She is a painter, but works even with photography, video installation, texts and drawing. Her works are open and joyful. Either the pictures refer to nature or are more abstract she always strives for the suggestive and transient expression rather than for direct depiction. For her the reality is dynamic and always in change. She says: «I like paintings to stay mysterious. The aspect of time is very important in my art». For her creativity is an open source, always filled with clean water.

She also agree upon these lines by Marian Goodman: “Artists are not teachers, of course. Good art is never a commentary. Rather, art is about life and can give an answer, a way for an individual to relate herself or himself to it.” 

Posrtret of Elisabet Norseng