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Elisabet Norseng: Tocchi (Berøringer)
2011. Edition: Salon Privé, Rome
Coordination: Sergio Rispoli
Text: Hanne Holm-Johnsen
Laout: Elisabet Norseng
112 pages
ISBN 978-82-994166-4-1

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Bibliography: Texts

2011 Norseng, Elisabet: The W17 Series

2010 Holm-Johnsen, Hanne: The Picture Turns Alive.
2010 Norseng, Elisabet: "Douze sans douze". The 144 Series.
2010 Norseng, Elisabet: "Les mille et une nuits" (Arabian Nights)

2008 Rønning, Stein: The Event Horizon

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1996 Castenfors, Mårten: Something Larger Than Oneself

1993 Casey, Michael: Elisabet Norseng. A Structure on Time, Space and the Sublime

Bibliography: Books

2011 Norseng, Elisabet; Holm-Johnsen, Hanne: Tocchi (Berøringer), Salon Privé, Rome. ISBN 978-82-994166-4-1

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Bibliography: Selected Press Releases

2012, 6 June: (French): Elisabet Norseng: Oeuvres récentes sur papier (Galerie Nikki Diana Marquardt, Project Room Paris)
2012, 6 June: (Norwegian): Elisabet Norseng - Arbeider på papir (Galerie Nikki Diana Marquardt, Project Room Paris)
2012, 3 May: (Norwegian): Elisabet Norseng - Pasteller (Gallery Sound of Mu Oslo)

2011, October 27: (Norwegian): Boklansering - Elisabet Norseng "Tocchi" (Tegnerforbundet Oslo)
2011, October 6: (Norwegian): Elisabet Norseng - ”1001 natt”. En fabel i linjer (Tegnerforbundet Oslo)



2009, 18 December: Bjørnskau, Erik: Punkter for søkende blikk. P. 13.